Once upon a time, web design was pretty easy. You could get your nephew or that bright kid down the street to use his or her web-creation program to make a nice-looking website. After all, this is Iowa City, and smart, tech-savvy kids are something we're proud of here.

But technology marches on and you are being dragged along with it. Today, people don't just visit your site with their computers. More and more of them are using tablets and smart phones in varying sizes and proportions. That beautiful photograph that looks so good on your big monitor at work just doesn't work on your smart phone. And that cool flash-based menu your next-door neighbor made for you doesn't even show up on your tablet.

So now the goal is responsive design. Your website should be able to automatically optimize its layout for different screens. That kind of design requires a thorough understanding of hardware, software and interface design.

That's where I come in. I've been making websites from my Iowa City studio for more than fifteen years. This is my craft, and I've learned to use html, css, javascript and perl to create sites that look good, work well, and give your visitors the experience they deserve.

Here are some of the services I offer...

2030 Dubuque Road

Iowa City, IA 52245


voicemail: 319.338.7753